Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Tarot Readings for Abortion Access

Hi folks, I'm writing today about a topic that is very dear to my heart.  I live in a state where abortion access is restricted, due to increasing amounts of state legislation.  This is tragic for everybody who might need or want an abortion someday, but it hits low-income and otherwise marginalized folks especially hard.  For some background into what the people of North Carolina face, you can check out:

The Guttmacher Institute
News story from Rewire explaining where things were last year
Overview from NARAL Pro-choice

For the second year in a row, I will be raising money for the Carolina Abortion Fund by participating in their Bowl-A-Thon.  My goal is to personally raise $1973, in honor of Roe v Wade, and to help me reach that goal, I'm offering hella discounts on readings! I wanted to give free readings to anybody who donated, but Etsy will only let me give you 89% off; SO:

By donating to the Carolina Abortion Fund Bowl-A-Thon, you receive 89% off a tarot reading!

To claim your 89% off, just follow these steps:

1.  Go to my Bowl-A-Thon page.
2. Donate $10 or more to improve abortion access in the state of North Carolina!
3.  Take a screen cap of your receipt and email it to downhometarot@gmail.com
4.  Wait for me to send you a coupon code, which you can then use to get 89% off any reading in my Etsy store!

This discount will be available through April 22; on April 25, I will post how much money we raised, and a picture of our bowling team!

I'm excited to help raise money for the people of North Carolina.  I encourage you to look at abortion access in your own state or country.  See if there are ways you can help improve access to this important part of health care!


  1. I'm interested but I'm wondering when we have to donate by?

    1. Allispin, thanks for the question; I was JUST getting on to clarify! This promotion will be good through April 22.

  2. I didn't know you're in NC! I grew up there (mostly) and my close family all still live there. <3