Monday, April 18, 2016

Tarot Blogaround!

One of the most fun parts of starting this blog has been getting more serious about following other tarot bloggers and tweeters.  I've learned so much about tarot, enriching my own practice.  It would be selfish of me to keep these resources to myself, so I've highlighted three tarot bloggers below for you to check out.  I picked these examples specifically because I'm interested in a tarot community that is progressive and inclusive, and I feel that these blogs are creating that space.  Please read and enjoy!

  • Little Red Tarot by Beth Maiden is one of my major tarot touchstones.  Her writing is warm, vulnerable, and upbeat. You really do feel like she's sitting at your table with you over a cup of tea.  Her blog also hosts amazing series like Queering the Tarot by Cassandra Snow. 

  • Bri over at The Hoodwitch says that her blog title is "a reference to the curanderas and the wise women in the neighborhood botanicas that [she] grew up in." I was sold on this blog after reading an especially impressive post about "scary" cards, written by Gabriela Herstik.  Her description of the Devil particularly resonated with me.

  • One of the things I love about Siobhan Rene's approach is that it feels so very different than mine, yet demonstrates all the progressive values I strive for.  At Siobhan's Mirror, she offers tarot horoscopes, blog posts, and more.  I'm always drawn in by her honest, unapologetic writing.

These are just some of the wonderful folks I've begun to follow online, and I hope they help you appreciate the wide world of tarot.  Each of these authors has a unique approach that has deepened my own relationship with the cards.  Whether or not you're looking for serious, long-term insight into tarot, or just trying to learn more about the community, these blogs are a great place to start.  Leave your own recommendations in comments, and keep an eye out for more blogarounds!

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