About Me and DHT

My name is Alice. I'm a woman in her thirties living in the southern United States. I've been reading tarot locally for a few years, and found myself wanting to learn and write about it more and more.

Down Home Tarot is a blog for learning more about tarot and for connecting with other tarot resources.  You can find me here on Blogspot, or on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (@DownHomeTarot).  I also offer readings at my Etsy store.

Many approaches to tarot include references to astrology, sacred geometry, religion, etc.  While I occasionally incorporate these practices to deepen my tarot, my philosophy is pretty simple:  If you get a decent handle on the 78 cards and a few spreads, you can have a rich, long-term relationship with your cards.

Down Home Tarot is also a great place for the skeptic.  As the title suggests, DHT is down-to-earth and strives to be accessible.  Tarot functions not through supernatural forces, but rather through our own need to organize our experience through narrative and archetype.  You can be a total skeptic and non-believer in the magical elements of tarot and still engage with tarot in a productive way.

At DHT, I'll provide you with practical suggestions for approaching your deck and getting started, the option of both simple and complex interpretations of individual cards, and examples of spreads and how to read them.

Reading the cards should be fun and empowering for everybody.  Welcome, and enjoy!


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1.  Participate!  Leave comments even if they're short.  Ask questions.  Leave links (as long as they're not ads or spam).

2.  Don't be a jerk! Nothing misogynistic, racist, homophobic, transphobic, or anything that attacks a person's identity in any way.

3.  Assume the best!  Try to give other commenters (and me!) the benefit of the doubt.

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