Saturday, April 23, 2016

A Floral Interlude

Today, I'm putting the down home in Down Home Tarot by showing you some of the blooming life around my home!  Here are some little moments from the woods behind my house that showcase the early spring.


I mostly see these pretty fuchsia flowers in shade or growing at the base of trees.  I wish the camera had focused better on the petals!

These lovelies I only see occasionally, though these ones were just smack in the middle of my back yard!  I had to hold the bloom between my fingers so the camera would focus on the delicate pale starbursts at the center of the blue flower.

These petite flowers come up everywhere, and their blossoms bob on the top of thin stems.  The effect is like tiny little floating pale stars on the forest floor.  You can see in the picture that they often grow in little batches scattered throughout sunny spots.  It's like finding fairy footsteps or something.  Pretty damn magical.

I know that mushrooms aren't flowers, but I love them.  Here's a shot of some growing on a fallen tree.  We get a lot of fallen trees in our woods (pine trees do not have very strong taproots, and they can fall over when the ground is soggy and they are heavy with ice); the resulting ecosystems are beautiful, strange, and intriguing.

And finally, I love this stump!  Look at this guy.  Gnarled, moss-dappled, old, and dry, but still firm and strong.  Way to go, stump.


I hope you liked this little peek into my corner of the southeast United States.  How are the seasons changing for you?  What are you noticing in your world?  

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