Thursday, April 21, 2016

Reading a Spread: Setting Your Intentions

Today's spread comes from Tarot by Cassandra.  Her tumblr features lots of creative spreads, ranging from simple to complex.  It's a great resource if you're looking for new ways to read the cards.  Using my Universal Waite-Smith* deck, I pulled the cards below to help me set my intention!

*I have decided to start using the name Waite-Smith for the deck that has historically been called the Rider-Waite; more tarot scholars are starting to use Waite-Smith, and it more accurately represents the origins of the deck. 


As I shuffled the cards, I posed the following query to the cards: Over the past two months or so, I've had a schedule that has allowed me to pursue creative and self-care activities.  As a result, I've developed some really great habits around my health and spirituality.  When I move into a fuller schedule, how to I maintain these good habits?  Let's see what the cards say!

CARD 1: The Seed: Your Intention

The Ace of Pentacles was the perfect card to describe my intention.  Aces are beginnings, and pentacles are down-to-earth.  I'm at a point where I am beginning a new set of practices that help me feel grounded, and this card absolutely reflects that.

CARD 2: Hesitation: Fears Stopping you from Planting

I thought that the barrier to this intention would be the lack of time, but the King of Cups is a ruler who focuses on balancing emotion.  I've always had trouble getting to know the King of Cups; in this position, I am taking this as a sign that it is not limited time that will be my barrier, but rather my ability to balance my emotional reactions in a way that is constructive and does not drain me of energy.

CARD 3: Push It In the Ground: Overcoming Fears and Waiting

When I pulled this card, I was initially confused.  The World is about completion, satisfaction, and a sense of wholeness with the universe.Whenever I am stuck on a card, I try to let go of any prescribed meanings and look at the overall picture and flow of energy in the spread; I realized that the woman on The World looks like she could be dancing, and I had an image of dancing in the garden and letting my footfalls push the seeds--my intentions--deeper into the soil.  Instead of anxiety around my new schedule, if I look towards it with holistic joy and optimism--a "dancing" energy--I will have an easier time incorporating my positive habits.

CARD 4: Taking Root: How Your Intention Will Become Reality

What a lovely card to pull in this position!  The Three of Wands is the synthesis of mind, body, and spirit to help move forward with creative goals, especially in collaboration. The first indication that my habits have been incorporated into a new schedule successfully will be some creative collaboration or form of connection.  For example, I want to keep going to the gym; maybe I'll make time for an exercise class, or start going with a workout buddy.

CARDS 5 & 6: Bring it to the Surface: Ways to Nurture Your Intention

Though these cards are grouped together, I am reading them as chronological.  As my intention grows and solidifies, I will see more professional or creative collaboration with the Three of Pentacles, nicely continuing the themes from card 4.  I was pleased to see the Six if Pentacles in the final position; it indicates that the ultimate manifestation of my success will be a generosity of spirit and the ability to give back.  This ties in very strongly with my personal values, as I see self-care and community care as part of the same spectrum, with both nourishing each other.  It creates an optimistic cycle to this reading, where nourishing my personal growth and health ultimately improves the community, and vice versa.


This spread tells me that I should focus on the optimistic joy my new practices have brought me instead of fussing over my schedule, and keep an eye out for opportunities to collaborate creatively with others, even in small ways.  What do you think?  Would you use this spread?  Could you see alternate readings to these cards?  Let us know in the comments!

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