Friday, February 24, 2017

Tarot Blogaround!

My tarot practice started off as a very private, personal thing. Now, while it continues to nurture my innermost self, it has blossomed into a source of connection and community. I'm grateful for the opportunity to share some of this community with you! In that spirit, I present you the second installation of the blogaround:

  • Benebell Wen is an author and "independent metaphysician," which she does a great job explaining. She provides guidance not only on tarot, but in a variety of other esoteric fields.  Her blog is a great resource for tarot beginners, as well as anybody looking to enhance their tarot with other practices like numerology, astrology, and feng shui.  The thing is, Benebell is just a great writer. Whatever she's writing about, she makes easy to understand and engaging to read.

  • Abbie over at Northern Lights Witch is a woman after my own heart! Her blog on tarot and witchcraft feels deeply based in the natural world, and she is explicitly interested in tarot for healing and social justice, which, in my opinion, is the tarot's highest calling.  I actually received an online reading from her, which was insightful, gentle, and motivating. I recommend her work unreservedly. 

  • Alright, I am cheating a little bit; Moody Moons is not officially a tarot blog, but it is just too great to pass up. The photos of her seasonal crafts are tangibly lush. The author is a great resource for ideas for rituals and spiritual celebrations, especially around the sabbats of Wicca. Though I am not Wiccan, I draw from it in developing my own spiritual practice, and this blog has been invaluable. 

These are just a few examples of the tarot readers, witches, and occult bloggers out there providing wonderful material. Who else are you following?  What resources do you find yourself coming back to as you develop your practice?  Share in the comments!

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