Monday, May 23, 2016

A Closer Look: The Tower

Key words and concepts
  • Sudden change
  • Upheaval
  • Disaster
  • Breakthroughs
  • Reexamination of beliefs
  • Death of hubris

A few days ago, I had a dream with the Tower in it; the next day, it jumped out of my deck, so I figured that I would use it as my Closer Look.  I'm also paying close attention to the breakthroughs in my life this week!

Cards are not "good" or "bad," but rather show experiences and energies in our lives.  We decide how to interpret and act upon these experiences.  There are a few cards, though, that have such vividly fearful imagery that it's hard to see past the negative.  The Tower definitely has a reputation as one of these cards.

In one sense, I understand it.  The Tower shows sudden, unavoidable change, and it's change on a pretty profound level.  This isn't the change that comes with, for example, starting a new job after a long and purposeful job search; this is the change that comes with realizing that some of your deeply-held values no longer reflect your needs and experience.  While this isn't always a negative thing in the long-term, this kind of disruption to our worldview inevitably leaves us confused, uncomfortable, and probably at least a little scared.  You can see, then, why the Tower has a bit of a reputation!

On the other hand, the discomfort and destruction shown in this card ultimately make way for new growth, like a natural forest fire allowing for the resurrection of the ecosystem.  In the Fool's journey (the story told by the progression of the Major Arcana), the Tower comes after the Devil; if the Devil represents bondage and enslavement, the Tower is actually the destruction of those chains.  Even though it doesn't feel good to have our beliefs dismantled, it is likely that those beliefs did not actually serve our authentic values.  The Tower allows us to rebuild our beliefs in a way that is healthier and stronger, but this reconstruction can't occur without the loss that precedes it.

I am using this appearance of the Tower to embrace a recent change of perspective in my life.  It's been uncomfortable, and I have definitely had to mourn the loss of some cherished beliefs, but there is a part of me that is hugely relieved.  I have much more hope for the future sustainability of my beliefs, now that I've had a breakthrough.  When the Tower appears, it is likely that sudden change--accompanied by discomfort and disillusionment--is a factor.  Don't let that hide the fact that destruction ultimately makes way for creation!

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