Wednesday, May 3, 2017

An Announcement!


I wrote a poem.

Now the poem is getting published!

If you don't know andi grace and the witch cabinet, I highly recommend you take a look. It's for "badass femme magic," and andi's healing lens is powerful and infuses everything they do. They've published several zines and posters, usually around femme healing on particular topics, and they also have a column over at perennial favorite Little Red Tarot.  I have andi's herbal abortion poster, and I look forward to collecting more of their work.

This month, the witch cabinet is publishing a zine called "soother - femmes grieving family and fertility." When I saw the call for submissions, I was stirred to work on a poem about my own infertility, and how it ties in with my gender and my body. I ended up with The Freemartin, a poem structured around tarot cards I found relevant. Just writing and submitting it was scary, but andi's approach made that vulnerability safe, and for that more than anything I thank them.

The zine will be published on Mother's Day. Consider pre-ordering it, especially with the consideration that ten percent of profits will go to a "community group that support parents in marginalized communities." It's pay what you can.

Thank you to everybody in this community who has made it safe to be vulnerable, and special thanks to andi grace for helping us use that vulnerability in service to healing.