Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Reading a Spread: Two Trinities

When I started practicing spreads, I exclusively read Celtic Crosses.  The Celtic Cross is a classic ten-card spread that can address specific issues, or serve as a check-in for general insight into the querent's life. It's one of the first spreads a tarot reader learns, which is surprising seeing how it's also one of the most complicated. Eventually, I started branching out into other spreads and finally started developing my own; now, I rarely read Celtic Crosses.  Instead, where I would normally use a Celtic Cross, I use the spread below. For me, it's just more effective, but that will vary from person to person.  Take a look and see if it resonates!


Two Trinities is called thus because it is a combination of two three-card spreads, with some extra cards thrown in.  In fact, I offer both the top trinity and the bottom trinity as their own readings in my store.  If you like the combination, Two Trinities is also available as a reading.

CARDS 1 & 2: The querent and their present query

Often, when I see two cards crossed like this, they have distinct meanings--the upright card is said to be the querent, and the sideways card is the issue at hand, or what "crosses" the querent.  The truth is, I usually end up blending the two cards in a general sort of "what's up with the querent right now" interpretation.  For example, I'm reading the Hierophant as my need to impress experts in my field, and the six of cups is my attempt to reconnect with my childhood self in response. That is to say, I strive to respond to the desire to please of authority by getting in touch with my most authentic self.

CARD 3: The querent's mind

Alright, I know I said before that I don't do reversals (cards that show up upside down). I actually have started interpreting them, and I will be doing a post on it. For now, when we look at the queen of pentacles, I note that my mind has been preoccupied with a disrupted sense of comfort and security, or a disconnect from my responsibilities to the land or home I steward.  I was actually kind of confused about pulling this card--until I realized how much my brain has been chewing on potentially relocating over the next couple months. 

CARD 4: The querent's body

The two of swords is such an interesting card. The picture conveys tranquility and discomfort at the same time.  This is creepily perfect right now; I'm coming out of a fairly long period of general dissociation, and I'm much more aware of my body than I was last season.  This awareness creates a much more robust sense of self, and definitely makes me feel more balanced overall; however, it also brings with it an uncomfortable awareness of things like sore joints, grogginess, and hair that's way overdue for a cut. 

CARD 5: The querent's spirit

It would be fair to say that my emotional cup runneth over. The ace of cups is the essence of the suit of cups, meaning that my spirit is embracing emotional depth. I've been able to revisit mentally some of my experiences of the past year, and folks who I previously found.... difficult, I've been able to hold with more compassion.  I believe this emotional openness is reflected in this card. 

CARD 6: The influence of the querent's past

The four of wands is kind of a party card, often referring to rites of passage. One of the big lessons for me recently has been learning that growth doesn't always (or often) happen in big, glorious, visible moments that are celebrated.  Whether or not I realized it, I held that belief in the past, and it may still be influencing how I interpret events. 

CARD 7: The querent's present

I think I'm going to call the ace of wands as representing my return to this blog! Writing and tarot are my two major creative outlets, and coming back to this space has helped reignite my creativity in general.  This card reminds me to stick with it and enjoy the energized passion that it generates!

CARD 8: Possibilities for the querent's future

Though not necessarily predictive, Strength is a powerful card in this position. I really love this card, and it is one of my "pay special attention to me!" cards. Here, it is telling me that whatever happens, I should be ready to rely on my inner courage and emotional strength. It's also a reminder that I have those resources available to me; in a sense, it's like a vote of confidence. 


What do you think of this dual triad?  How does it compare to the Celtic Cross for you?  Do you think just using one of the three-card spreads would be helpful, too?  Let us know in comments!

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