Monday, July 11, 2016

Reading a Spread: Prioritizing Your Energy

I started designing this spread a while back, with the intent of developing a spread with a lot of cards. I wanted to challenge myself to interpret larger quantities of cards at one time. But the spread designs just never came together, and my readings weren't especially helpful.  Today, I felt the need to do an energy-focusing spread, but just looking at the original design of nine cards was tiring.  I spontaneously came up with this four-card alternative, and I found the results much for useful for focusing my energy. I can't claim to have these bursts of insight often, but today I was lucky!


Being overwhelmed is more than just having too much to do.  It includes not only the stress of being overburdened, but the confusion of not even being able to tell what's important anymore. We probably don't feel like we have the support we need, but we're not quite sure how to ask for it. This spread is not intended to provide you with the full range of support or advice you might need to resolve all your issues; instead, it's a bit of triage. Use this spread if you need permission to let go of a view things, and for some gentle guidance on your next step.

CARD 1: Something to set aside for the moment.

Alright, I don't think this card is telling me to set aside The World in its entirety. Instead, I can release myself from worrying about the larger, overarching aspects of my life. This card suggests that, while planning ahead is healthy, now is not the time to obsess over what my life's legacy will be when it's time for me to leave my community. What a relief!

CARD 2: Something on which to increase focus

The eight of swords is about determining the best of limited options. I notice that the character on the card probably isn't thinking about her long-term plans; she just wants to know how to get those bindings off! Right now, my focus is on immediate issues and restrictions. I'm not necessarily searching for the perfect solution, just one that will help me move forward. Though it was a little striking to get this card, I think it makes a lot of sense when contextualized by the previous one. 

CARD 3: A perception or belief to challenge

I am really, really good at reviewing every single action I do or word I say in search of major screw-ups. Mostly my concerns are around being a good ally and not unwittingly perpetrating any forms of oppression. The queen of swords is, indeed, about the practical enaction of justice, and weighing all information fairly. In this position, though, she challenges me not to spend all my energy determining if my every tiny action is perfectly just. She's not asking me to reject my goals of a more equitable world, just to give myself a break sometimes to avoid burnout. 

CARD 4: Something to hold with compassion

Aw, I always feel so bad for the nine of wands. He just looks so tired. He's not frantically overburdened, like the ten of wands. No, he is resigned to his post, not necessarily believing that he actually makes a difference; I see him as going through the motions. This is the burnout that the queen of swords is warning me about! But to pull this card in this position reminds me: Even if I don't meet my goals, or don't handle my challenges perfectly, it is not a weakness. Being all used up isn't a personal deficit, and it is when we are feeling most useless that we need to hold ourselves with compassion.


Does this spread seem like it would help you focus your energy constructively?  Do you have alternate readings of these cards?  Do you find larger spreads difficult to manager, or do you find them rich and engaging?  Let us know in comments!