Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Tell Us About Your Tarot Practice!

We all love those internet quizzes that get passed around, either on blogs or in email chains, where we get to share fun, quirky information about ourselves. Well, as I've participated more and more in the tarot community, I'm continuously excited to learn more about its members. That means YOU, reader of this blog!

Here are a few questions/answers about my own tarot journey.  Pick one or two to answer in comments, and let's get to know each other!


1.  Why did you first start practicing tarot?

I'm a huge geek and was really interested in learning a new system, plus I think tarot decks are really pretty!

2.  What was your first tarot deck?

I picked up some "Teach Yourself Tarot" kit at Barnes and Noble.  The deck has lovely illustrations for the trump and court cards, but the rest of the Minor Arcana are only pips, so it was difficult to learn from (not to mention the little white book was... not great). 

3.  What card do you identify with strongly?

It's a little difficult to pick a "favorite" card, especially since their meanings and purposes change so much, but whenever Strength pops up, I feel a special affinity! I really like that it refers to internal strength, and not physical strength.

4.  What card tends to be difficult for you?

Until recently, the seven of swords was pretty much an enigma for me. I had a few breakthroughs in some recent readings, though, and I have a better relationship with it.  Currently, the four of pentacles has been doing weird things in my readings. 

5.  How often do you read?  Do you have a ritual around it?

I do at least a three card spread every morning, and lay my cards out on silk with curios and other special items. 

6.  Do you stick to a "classic" deck (Waite-Smith, Thoth, Marseille), or do you explore alternative tarot systems?

I'm basically a Waite-Smith girl, with all my current decks being some kind of variation on it.  As I get more confident, I'd like to try some other, more abstract decks, and I definitely want to work with a Marseille deck sometime.  I'm not a big Thoth fan, but it's fun to see how other people read it.

7.  Do you use other forms of divination?

Not yet!  I'm interested in learning how to throw bones, though.

8. What are your current goals for your tarot practice?

Keep up my daily three card reading, and work on learning reversals!


Share your answers to a few in comments below, or feel free to post all your answers on your blog!

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